Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Re-located to US of A

I have relocated to US and will be here for some time to come. Was busy in the relocation process and did not have much time left to blog. Hope to remedy that and start posting soon. Plan to post about the scene out here compared to my experiences in India.

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Ed Vis said...

Prasanth, I accidently stumbled upon your advice to Azad on his blog.

What you wrote is very powerful and makes a lot of sense. I am impressed.

That is what I am doing. For a very long time, I was worried about the quote "An empty vessel makes the most noise" , and kept my thoughts to myself.

I was worried people will look down upon my ideas.

I was worried people will sent me all kind of critical, sometimes dirty e-mails if I write a book.

THEY DID, when I wrote and published a book in 1988. Well, now all the naysayers and critics are gone. They are forced to understand that they have to accept me as I am.

Prasanth, keep up the good work. I am impressed the way you expressed powerful thoughts in few words.