Sunday, June 03, 2007

Conducting a "Moving Sale" in India

When we decided to move from Chennai to US, we were in dilemma as to what to do with our furniture, books and other stuff. We did plan to transport some of our stuff to our parents house but did not want to spend a lot of money on transporting all our stuff - neither did we want to leave them in the house and keep it locked.

We wanted to sell our furniture if we could and looked at the options we had. One way to sell was to advertise in magazines like free ads ( but we did not know how effective it was. We hit upon another idea - of conducting a "moving sale" of sorts and advertising locally in our apartment complex.

Here is how we went about conducting the "Moving Sale".

1. We printed fliers which listed details of all the stuff we were offering for sale with an asking price against each item. We also described the condition of the item in detail. We also explained that we were offering stuff at 50 to 60 % discount to what we paid for. Also offered discounts for someone buying more than one item.

2. We put up fliers in all the notice boards in the apartment complex (we have about 220 apartments in our complex).

3. We did not sell for an offer bellow what we asked for since this was more of a "restricted sale" open only to residents from our apartment complex, word would have gotten around and we could have ended up selling for much less than the offer price.

I was really surprised by the response. Except for the king size bed (which was also eventually sold), we sold almost all the stuff which we had for sale within a couple of days of fliers being put up. Lots of people commented us on our "innovative method" of conducting a "moving sale". Though garage and moving sales are very common here in the US (will write about them in a separate post) they are not at all common in India (especially in Chennai). The response that we got for our sale shows that the demand is there if one is willing to try it.

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