Friday, September 26, 2008

Globe hopping and personal finance

Maintaining a frugal lifestyle and financial discipline is difficult in the best of times so it becomes even more difficult with the kind of job I have. In the last 6 years, I have lived in 6 different countries and this constant travel has taken a toll on my finances. Though my job pays well, tracking of where the money goes and how much I spend becomes almost impossible with the variation in income, expenditure and also the various currencies involved. It is for this very reason (among others) that I have decided that long term travel is not for me and have decided to be in one place (India).

Would love to hear from you as to how you managed/or manage your finances with a job that takes you to different countries and lifestyles all the time.


rev said...

hey there.. would love to exchange a student of value investing..

ps: sorry for bein so abrupt

Kasi Viswanathan said...

I am a techie too and have travelled to 5 countries and I travel only and when the Company sponsors my trip and I make sure to allocate a certain amount of dollars or the local currency to my savings.

You can spend wisely and never spend more than what you have and most importantly dont carry plastic , in that way you wont use credit cards.

I had a bad time with credit cards when i was in brazil and the charges and the local currency fluctuations take a toll and we end up losing.

Most importantly make sure to send the savings back to india by money transfer so that you save it back in India.

One more suggestion is to invest in SIPs and quality stocks and track them and hold them for a period of 3 years and by this you are avoiding spending as you have opted for a ECS mode.

Hope this info above helpful and do let me know your views.

Kasi Viswanathan

Kasi Viswanathan said...

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and l Look forward to your views.

Anonymous said...

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